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1968 - Birthday

I was born on July 25, 1964
in Jakarta, West Java.
Since I was a kid, I like to watch my mom playing her piano and I started to banging the piano most of the time until finally I can play my first song "Silent Night" when I was 10.

1968 - Birthday

In the long run, I was more interested to organ than piano, because it seems easier
and more fun to me. So on my 12th birthday I got my first organ. Then I went to an organ lesson for about 15 years but not in a consecutive year, as I got bored easily, skip one or two years, interested again to learn more then got bored again, and it's repeated many times.
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1981 - Birthday
1981 - I love dogs and my mom very much,
the pic is my 2nd electone - my 17th birthday gift from her
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